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Why Virtual Room is the perfect place for a date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are still looking for a unique date idea? Anyone who has been on a few dates knows that dinner and a movie are not always such exciting activities. Dinner can be slow in discussion and in the theater there is usually no conversation at all. For a date night, this can be rather monotonous. So why not dare to plan a date in an escape room? Together with the babysitting platform Babysits, we have five reasons why Virtual Reality is the perfect place for a date.

So… what do you do in your free time?

If you don’t know each other so well and only spend the first or second date together, the banter can quickly dissolve and then there is awkward silence. Your hobbies can then be the center of attention. But as nice as it is to be interviewed on a date, we prefer to have more exciting topics to talk about. In a virtual reality escape room you are guaranteed to have a topic from the first to the last minute that you can talk about. At the beginning, you can, for example, talk about who of you has experienced an escape room and if you escaped in time. During the game you will have to communicate with each other to solve puzzles and then you can talk about your favorite parts. And who knows, if this date is successful, you will be able to look back on it as a sweet memory.

Communication is key

The main goal at Virtual Room is largely about communicating with others to solve puzzles together and escape. It is only after a few years that many couples notice they don’t communicate well. So how great would it be if you could find out in the beginning how your partner communicates and how to best deal with it? In an escape room, that is exactly the goal: talk to each other, advise and together try to reach the final tip and find the exit! Even if the date is rather substandard, you will have a great motivation to reach the exit and escape the situation.

Sore loser?

As Plato said “You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation.” Even if it is a bit cheesy to start a paragraph with a Plato quotation, there is some truth to it. From the moment the door is closed behind you, you can keep your eyes open and watch the behavior of your date very carefully. It will soon become clear whether he or she is competitive and ambitious. Even if these qualities are not what you are looking for, it is always interesting to see how the other person behaves with a little pressure and how this behavior suits you and your character. It is only after a few months or even years that many couples realize that they are in constant competition or are pretending not to step on their partner’s feet. A date in the Virtual Room gives you the opportunity to recognize this immediately and to decide whether you are compatible or not.

Fond memories

If everything goes well and you end up shacking up years later, you will always be able to look back on this exciting and unique experience together. You may still remember the first thoughts you had about the other person and how they have now been confirmed or evaporated. You can also use your mutual strengths to solve the puzzle and prove your ability to work in a team. In the end, however, the fun should be priority and you should be able to defeat an escape room together. The sense of achievement bonds you together – a failure sometimes even more. Try to enjoy the date, have fun and then indulge in these charming memories in a few years!

To get to know each other very quickly, a Virtual Room escape adventure is a very exciting and above all extraordinary date idea. There is usually no embarrassing silence, you get to know the zealous side of your date and thereby create long-lasting memories. Are there better place and conditons for a first date? If you need a babysitter for your date or for your visit to Virtual Room in general, you will find Babysits in the babysitting community. Hundreds of babysitters are registered on the platform throughout Singapore, who are currently actively looking for a babysitter job.