Original gift idea : give the gift of virtual reality

Original gift idea : more than virtual reality, offer your group the ultimate experience

Are you looking for an original and fun gift idea for one of your loved ones? Why not give him time travel?


An original gift idea 

You don’t have a gift idea and you want to give something out of the ordinary? Virtual Room offers you to offer a gift voucher for a virtual reality adventure: an original surprise to delight your loved ones.

For one person or for a group, gift voucher are the perfect way to make someone happy. Make the surprise for a birthday and try the adventure in pairs or in teams of 4. The adventures are playable from 2 to 4 players or more, by making several teams simultaneously (adaptation according to the capacity of the place).


Live an extraordinary adventure

original gift idea for you loved once

Embark on a timeless adventure and go save the world! Our first two missions Time Travel 1 and Time Travel 2 will take you on a journey through breathtaking scenery. Go into space or find yourself face to face with a tyrannosaurus, guaranteed “WOW” effect!

Do you want to experience an adventure that changes from the ordinary? Get started in AreWeDead ?. Play as a team of zombies and fight for the supremacy of your species. You will have to show ingenuity and team spirit to manage to survive and beat the evil humans.

To experience with family, friends or colleagues, our virtual reality adventures will delight young and old. They have been specially designed to allow easy handling of virtual reality and ultra-fast adaptation without necessarily being a video game player.

Do not hesitate any longer and offer a unique moment of virtual reality, an original gift idea to have a good time in a group!

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