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Time Travel chapter 2 : our latest adventure

Virtual Room is proud to present its second mission. You can now discover Time Travel chapter 2 developed by our studio !

Time travel chapter 2 : a mission full of challenges

Time travel chapter two first world

After Time Travel first chapter’s success, a new adventure is now available and let you discover more immersive and completely renewed challenges. Pace and action are two words that best describe this new adventure, and you will have to rush this time in order to fully complete your mission. Difficulty being higher, this new mission will surely delight escape room fans !

In the continuity of the first mission, you will once again have to save the planet, threatened by aliens. You will have little time to find the sources of energy necessary to fight this plague, traveling in different times and places.

Earth has once again been threatened! Only a few sources of energy capable of combating this plague have been spotted in different periods of time: you have 40-50 minutes to find them in exotic locations such as the Aztecs temples and a sunken pirate ship before it is too late!

You will find more information on the Mission 2 page, do not hesitate to watch our trailer for a preview. Also, a new adventure is being developed in our production studio and should be announced shortly … Stay tuned!