Virtual Room Singapore – Hot off the Press!

Virtual Room Singapore – Hot off the Press!

As one of the most popular fun and games activities in Singapore, it is no surprise that Virtual Room has been extensively covered by the media here. Find the last news of your favorite virtual reality location in Singapore.

We welcome any and all media opportunities and are happy to offer you and your team a full game experience as well as supporting images and media for your articles.

Check out what others are saying about Virtual Room Singapore – the best virtual reality Singapore has available today!

8 Days Magazine – Visit A VR Escape Room To ‘Travel’ To The Moon And Back In Time With Your Pals

The team at 8 Days liken Virtual Room to an escape room experience and note you don’t have to be into gaming to enjoy the experience.

The Straits Times – Game, set, fire: Virtual and augmented reality arcades take off in Singapore

The Straits Times compared three virtual reality experiences in Singapore and noted that Virtual Room offered cleverly designed puzzles and missions that test a team’s ability to coordinate and work together.

Labour Beat – Teambuilding Ideas: Our Top Picks

And it’s no surprise Virtual Room made Labour Beat’s list of top team building ideas. It’s team building with a WOW factor.

The Culture Trip – An Inside Look at Singapore’s Virtual Reality Multiplayer Rooms

The Culture Trip highlights the sheer scale of Virtual Room’s operation – being the biggest VR centre in Singapore with 22 rooms available.

Her World – 10 Out-of-the-box Christmas Gifts to get your BFFS this coming Festive Season

Virtual Room is the perfect gift for all occasions (not just Christmas) and for the person who has everything!

Honeykids Asia – Parties for teenagers: party ideas for Singapore teens

Honeykids Asia had Virtual Room as first on their list for awesome teen birthday ideas!

Tripzilla – 9 Cool Things To Do In Singapore To Escape The Perpetual Summer Heat

Virtual Room was stoked to be included in a list of Tripzilla’s 9 cool things to do to escape the heat!

SG Magazine – WATCH: Singapore’s first virtual escape room is a sci-fi team-bonding adventure

The team at SG Magazine did a fabulous video about their Virtual Room experience

Channel 8 News –【流行挖哇WOW】聚会玩乐好去处 动游戏欢乐

Channel 8 News did an amazing video review of the Virtual Room experience that totally WOW’d them.

Expat Living – Is this the future of gaming?

Expat Living think Virtual Room is and VR experiences will be the future of gaming.

Yahoo – Arcades seek to take virtual reality gaming mainstream

Yahoo highlights how VR is still a very new industry and has taken a while to take off but luckily there are awesome experiences like Virtual Room available.

Weibo – 测要火 | 新加坡开了这家每人有专属房间的VR戏店,呼朋唤友一起去玩吧

A funky article with many hilarious VR gifs and videos!

Hardware Zone – Virtual Room is a group VR experience that lets you go to the moon with your friends

The article highlights how Virtual Room is more accessible to a broader audience than other VR experiences – making it ideal for team building events.

Expat Choice – The First Escape Game in Virtual Reality Opens its Doors in Singapore

Virtual Room proves just as popular with the expat crowd – with the team impressed that unlike other VR experiences they have tried which last from 2 to 10 minutes – Virtual Room is a full 45-minute adventure.

PC Gamer – Inside today’s high-end virtual reality arcades

PC Gamer finds that unlike the shooting experiences they played at other venues, Virtual Room places a bigger emphasis on collaborative puzzle-solving. They also liked that there was no heavy equipment to lug around.

Escaping SG – Room Review: Virtual Room: Chapter II

The team loved the first Virtual Room mission so much (see review here) they just had to come back and try out Chapter 2 which they loved even more (even though it was pretty challenging)!

Ignite VR Blog – Virtual Room Review: A Team Based VR Adventure

Roy and the team had a fantastic when they tried out Virtual Room shortly after we opened. They believe Virtual Room is the best VR experience in Singapore and note the high quality of the equipment and software we use.

Great New Places

Great New Places took some fantastic images in this visually appealing review of Virtual Room